Healthcare Subsidiary Board Members at Meeting

Podcast: Unlocking the Strategic Potential of Subsidiary Boards in Healthcare

In today’s environment of mergers and other partnership models, there is growing interest in understanding how subsidiary boards can best be leveraged. Subsidiary boards have
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Podcast: Navigating the Complexities of Healthcare and Insights for Leadership

Effective governance in today’s healthcare environment is essential to carry out mission and achieve organizational strategy. This podcast provides an overview of many key elements
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Demystifying and Optimizing the Executive Session

Executive sessions can enhance and strengthen board culture. Negative or exaggerated assumptions are often made when an executive session shows up on a board agenda
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Leadership Succession as a Strategic Imperative

Board leadership succession planning is a critical aspect of effective governance. Selecting a board chair is one of the most important decisions a board and
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The Strategic Impact of Subsidiary Boards

The roles of health system parent boards and local subsidiary boards continue to evolve. As new partnership models are implemented across the country, governance structures
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Use WORDLE to boost your board’s performance!

WORDLE is not only a daily word game taking the world by storm and providing many a welcomed daily distraction, but it can also teach
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